We are an international community of accredited and fully qualified coaches connected by a shared purpose – to partner with our clients in their work to create a sustainable world. We come from different cultural and professional backgrounds, sharing a passion for bringing authenticity, compassion, global awareness and continuous learning into the world.

    We work in many different languages including:

    Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.

    If you are looking for coaching in a language not listed here, please contact us.

    Alexandra Montgomery

    Works in English, Spanish, German and French

    Alexandra is an accredited leadership coach, facilitator and yoga-mindfulness teacher w…

    Joanne Heeson

    Works in English

    As a coach Jo is motivating, caring, supportive and facilitates transformational and su…

    Paul Jackson

    Works in English

    Paul is an executive coach, a farmer and runs a programme developing leadership for ind…

    Peter Baily

    Works in English

    Peter Baily is an executive coach, mountaineer and creative soul. His deepest desire is…

    Ignacio Céspedes Fell

    Works in Spanish and English

    Ignacio is an executive coach, facilitator and consultant in organizations. After more…

    Ainhoa Campo

    Works in Spanish and English

    Ainhoa is an executive and life coach, facilitator, psychologist and entrepreneur whose…

    Sian Choo Tong

    Works in Mandarin and English

    Sian Choo is an ontological coach, facilitator and bilingual event host based in Singap…

    Sari Marsden

    Works in Indonsian and English

    Sari Marsden is an executive coach and co-author of "Fit to Lead”, a groundbreaking boo…

    Ruth Jolly

    Works in English

    Ruth works as a facilitator, organisational development (OD) specialist and qualified c…

    Robin Van Raaij

    Works in English and Dutch

    Robin started to coach in his role as manager in R&D environments. In his role as a coa…

    Rehab Abbas

    Works in English and Arabic

    Rehab is an Ontological coach, cross-cultural trainer, and a value certified facilitato…

    Paula Lazo Rivera

    Works in English, Spanish and French

    Paula brings 19 years of professional experience working in multicultural environments…

    Paresh Kanani

    Works in English

    Paresh Kanani is a Venture Investor and Executive Coach who works with individuals, gro…

    Ksenia Forafonova

    Works in Russian

    As a coach and consultant Ksenia works with individuals to help create happier and more…

    Alvaro Pérez Pooley

    Works in Spanish

    I’m Alvaro Pérez Pooley, psychologist, ontological coach and musician. I love supportin…

    Carolina Valdenegro

    Works in Spanish

    I’m passionate about stimulating the transformation process in organizations and people…

    Asha Nair

    Works in English and Hindi

    Asha’s philosophy in leadership development and coaching is influenced by her 17+ years…

    Marcela Iglesias

    Works in Spanish. English. Portuguese and Catalan

    Marcela is an holistic therapist who integrate psychology and energetic wisdom, threw M…

    Shungu Chirunda

    Works in English

    Shungu is a Certified Integral Coach and Certified Breathwork Practitioner, whose pract…

    Marwa Farouq

    Works in Arabic and English

    Marwa is a certified Executive coach and maintains a PCC credential from the Internatio…

    Bénédicte Lampe

    Works in French, English, Spanish and Italian
    Strasbourg, France

    Bénédicte started her practice as a Team Transformation and Leadership Coach 7 years ag…

    Mercedes Villalba

    Works in Spanish and English

    Mercedes is a Certified Ontological Coach who trained with the Latin American Coaching…

    Paola Marinoni

    Works in Portuguese and Italian

    Paola is an integral life coach, deep embodied listener, caring and passionate in suppo…