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    Global Partnership
    A global organisation with an extensive cross-cultural network of coaches, speaking 9 different languages, working in 26 different countries.
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    Meeting the objectives of organisations or individuals who support or are committed to sustainable change, through bespoke leader coach and development programmes.
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    Our motivated team of coaches have a diverse range of skills, expertise and competencies.
    Cross-cultural Coaches
    Coaching in 10 languages
    Working with Leaders in 27 countries

    Meet our expert team

    Alexandra Montgomery

    Co-Lead - European Hub

    Alexandra is an accredited leadership coach, facilitator and yoga-mindfulness teacher w…

    Stroud, UK

    Paul is an executive coach, a farmer and runs a programme developing leadership for ind…

    Carola Valdenegro


    Más de 15 años de experiencia en desarrollo de capital humano en empresas de España y C…

    Joanne Heeson

    Co-Lead - European Hub
    Lausanne, Switzerland

    As a coach Jo is motivating, caring, supportive and facilitates transformational and su…

    "A valuable and relevant journey which enabled me to become a more authentic and confident manager"
    International HIV/Aids Alliance
    'The Kairos Project is the best thing to happen to me in a long time!”
    The Fund For Global Human Rights
    “It is a wonderful experience of learning to understand how my body and mind affecting with my confidences, with my relationship, and with my work”
    Global Green Grants Fund
    'I learned more about myself and how to contain any anxiety and stress with a really easy to remember strategy and came out of the sessions feeling empowered and more confident.  I would highly recommend this coaching to others.'

    Our publications

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