Overwhelm, lack of focus and fraught relationships characterise many workplaces. Our habitual practices seem no longer sustainable.Many organisations, movements and communities are looking for more conscious, sustainable ways to work together.

    Impactful collaboration requires clear purpose, direction, alignment and committed action. What’s needed is transformation on all levels: understanding new principles (head), being emotionally agile (heart) and forming new habits (embodiment).

    The following module options are designed to build capacity, share experience among your team and transfer learning back into the workplace. They can be delivered in-person and/or virtually and are fully adaptable to your needs.

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    Phase 1:
    Diagnostic & Setup
    Identify needs and frame the programme; interview key people and plot the journey together
    Phase 2:
    Initial Workshop
    Orient, align and build awareness, capacity and team spirit; in-person or virtual
    Phase 3:
    Experiential Period
    Apply learning in the workplace; (virtual) executive coaching sessions, individual reflection, peer learning
    Phase 4:
    Impact Evaluation
    Measure impact, evaluate and solidify participants’ learning and capacity for future action