Series Introduction

    The work we do with our clients is always aiming for a learning edge, this is the place where you feel challenged, stretched, perhaps a little discomfort, some vulnerability; it is in this place, that we change, see things differently and grow through a re-orientated sense of self.

    Through our Emergent Series, we are aiming to create spaces for conversations on the edge; to surface the major themes that are blowing through our organisations, to make time and room for those missing difficult conversations to happen; this is in the service of unblocking, releasing, letting go, moving through energetic barriers that may be holding back our desired way of being in the world, our relationships, our decision making and our ability to continually evolve with a fast changing zeitgeist.

    To start with, our intentions is to have one conversation every quarter; we will select speakers from our clients, stakeholders, partners and experts in the field. The format will be a simple 40 minute piece of lived experience followed by question and debate. Please do join us, the richness of these session is in your artful participation and contribution.

     Further information:

    If you have a questions about any of our programmes, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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    Programme Structure

    • Each webinar will be 60 minutes include 15 minutes of discussion/questions time

    • All sessions are recorded and available to be viewed at a later date

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    Upcoming programmes:

    We are currently reviewing this series and working on our speakers for 2023. If you would like to be notified of our next talk, please subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you.

    Previous Topics:

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    Facilitated by Michael Kourabas. Date: Thursday 18 November, 2021 Ttime: 13.00 GMT

    DEI means everything and nothing – come listen to how Teach for All makes sense of this.

    Facilitated by Marwa Farouq. Date: Thursday 27 January, 2022 Ttime: 13.00 GMT

    Speak your Truth to Power Now: Part Two

    Facilitated by Danielle Hirsch. Date: Friday 25 March, 2022 Time: 13.00 GMT

    Intersectionality in Organisations: Part 2

    Facilitated by Payal Parekh Date: TBC – this event will take place in Autumn 2022 Time: 13.00 GMT