Quintessential tools for the 21st Century

    Most organisations and communities are now operating in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment. Digitalisation, new ways of working and continuous adaptation require us to reinvent ourselves. Our habitual practices, aimed at procedure-driven problem-solving and reducing uncertainty, are no longer effective.

    Supporting people through these uncertain times, into the emerging future, is part of our mission at the Kairos Project. Our virtual programmes are open to anyone interested in upskilling or reskilling to update their mindset, tools and behaviours for the 21st Century.

    Our ontological learning methodology builds perspective-shifting and behavioural agility. Participants get introduced to fundamental systemic concepts, build awareness through experiential exercises and peer learning and are immersed in practising new strategies and behaviours. Programmes conclude with a personal action plan to carry the learning forward.

    Programme Structure

    • Each module consists of 4 webinars with a Kairos expert, 1.5 hours each
    • Supplementary Learning Materials
    • Interactive and Peer Learning
    • 1 Group Mentoring Session @ reduced group size

     Choose from the following programmes:

    Being well; building resilience

    Programme objectives – what can you expect to learn? Identify gateways and strategies to develop your own sense of being well Strengthen your resilience through trialling new practices Recognise the experience of stress – both personal and organisational Make choices about your response to difficult situations Distinctions between self-care and self-protection Stay centred and focused, […]

    Boost your Emotional Agility

    Programme objectives – what can you expect to learn? Understand your emotional habits and how they influence what results you can achieve; Increase your behavioural range and emotional self-awareness to optimise your impact; Learn techniques to deal with challenging emotions, in yourself and others; Find the right level of assertiveness and cultivate presence through compassion, […]

    Continuous Learning through Feedback

    Programme objectives – what can you expect to learn? Foster effective listening to establish trust and build relationships as well as the capacity for innovation and productive change; Promote language and communication styles that reinforce appreciation, improvement and forward-focused goalsetting; Help people communicate in ways that reduce defensive behaviour, in themselves and others while managing […]

    Better Decision-Making in Uncertain Times

    Programme objectives – what can you expect to learn? Evaluate the effectiveness of your decision-making; Understand how unconscious bias affects decision-making; How to move from consensus to consent-based decision-making; Incorporate intuition and wisdom for better outcomes All webinars are highly interactive, participative and immediately applicable to your professional and/or private context. We will use peer [...]

    Uncover and harness the power of polarities – embrace “both/and” thinking

    Programme Objectives – What you can expect to learn Increase your ability to think and approach life and work dilemmas in more effective ways Explore and identify the key polarities present in your life both personally and professionally Apply a tool to harness the power of managing your polarities Deepen ability to manage and leverage […]

     Further information:

    If you are interested in any of our programmes, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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