Monday 20th – Friday 24th November

    Bringing Coaches and Organisations together in powerful conversations.

    Every year, we make our coaches accessible for conversations with Not-for-Profits, Social Enterprises and Foundations worldwide. Please come and join us this year with Connect 2023.


    We do this in order to initiate powerful learning conversations between two dynamic agents of change: you, purpose-driven organisations and us, purpose-driven practitioners. The idea is to empower and enable you to see new possibilities in your work and inch ever closer towards your objectives for this year and beyond.


    You can expect a two-way exchange where you gain fresh thinking and awareness into your current challenges and we will learn and understand more about your needs and are able to keep our services relevant and meaningful.


    Please book your coaching conversation now – with only a $5 admin fee. Places will run-out. We had over 150 people last year and this year, we need to restrict the numbers. The conversation are absolutely confidential and take place over Zoom for an hour at a mutually acceptable time.


    If you have any questions before making contact with your coach please email [email protected]

    Bookings for Connect 2023 have now closed. Thank you for coming to our website. Feel free to get in contact if you would like a conversation about our coaching engagements. Take care.

    Here are some results from our event last years:

    1. 100% said they were extremely or quite satisfied with their conversation
    2. 80% said they would value a follow up call
    3. 94% said they would value leadership development in their organisation

    Here are some comments:

    1. “Thank you again for the opportunity. The level of expertise the coach has is awesome and greatly appreciated
    2. “This was an inspiring experience and thank you for inviting me to take part”
    3. “A really practical discussion about an issue I find difficult”

    Here are some Lessons learnt:

    • “Everything is a decision even your mindset”
    • “Language and the power of limiting beliefs”
    • “That it’s ok not to know”
    • “That I have the power to change my situation”

    We are currently taking registration for this event. If you are interested in an introductory coaching session before November, please contact Peter Baily at [email protected]

    Thank you.