Today’s world needs people who are not only comfortable with VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environments, but who also help others navigate these new realities. Many outstanding performers, be it executives, leaders or athletes, use coaching to build their capacity to perceive and co-create the emerging future.


    In coaching, meaningful conversation, non-judgemental feedback, powerful exploration and whole-self learning can take place in an atmosphere of confidence and trust.Once leaders and teams begin to observe how they are in challenging situations, they start exploring and embodying new ways of being and acting.


    You have access to our global community of multilingual and accredited coaches, and coaching can be delivered virtually or in-person. Our way of working is based on the ontological learning model OAR (Observer-Actions-Results), which builds continual perspective-shifting and behavioural agility.

    Uncover and harness the power of polarities – embrace “both/and” thinking

    PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES – WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT TO LEARN? •  Increase your ability to think and approach life and work dilemmas in more effective ways •  Explore and identify the key polarities present in your life both personally and professionally •  Apply a tool to harness the power of managing your polarities •  Deepen ability […]

    Boost your Emotional Agility

    Programme objectives – what can you expect to learn? •   Increase your emotional self-awareness •   Deal with challenging emotions, in yourself and others •   Find the right level of assertiveness and optimise your impact on others •  Build empathy and compassion •  Understand the importance of moods for individual and team performance

    Cultural Transformation Approach

    Phase 1
    Diagnostic & Setup
    Identify needs and frame the programme; interview key people and plot the journey together
    Phase 2
    Initial Workshop
    Orient, align and build awareness, capacity and team spirit; in-person or virtual
    Phase 3
    Experiential Period
    Apply learning in the workplace; (virtual) executive coaching sessions, individual reflection, peer learning
    Phase 4
    Impact Evaluation
    Measure impact, evaluate and solidify participants’ learning and capacity for future action
    "A valuable and relevant journey which enabled me to become a more authentic and confident manager"
    International HIV/Aids Alliance
    'The Kairos Project is the best thing to happen to me in a long time!”
    The Fund For Global Human Rights
    “It is a wonderful experience of learning to understand how my body and mind affecting with my confidences, with my relationship, and with my work”
    Global Green Grants Fund

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    Alexandra Montgomery

    Coaches in English, Spanish, German and French

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    As a coach Jo is motivating, caring, supportive and facilitates transformational and su…

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    Stroud, UK

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    Coaches in English
    London, UK

    Peter Baily is an executive coach, mountaineer and creative soul. His deepest desire is…