Since 2013 we have worked with a diverse group of organisations including trusts and foundations, social enterprises, not-for-profit organisations, as well as arts-based organisations and purpose-driven for-profit organisations.

    Our reach into diverse sectors allows us to cross-fertilise perspectives and enrich our client work with real-life practices from organisations that might be very different from the client. We tailor our work specifically to the needs of each client recognizing that there are also sector-based differences that need to be addressed.

    Benefits for our clients include 

    • Enhance growth and sustainability by supporting implementation of the organisational mission/vision
    • Support and develop over-stretchedand under-resourced staff in small organisations
    • Work with self-leadership alongside organisational leadership
    • Offer tools to help with difficult conversations or challenging team dynamics
    • Clarifypurpose, define personal objectives and their fit with Personal Development Plans/Appraisals
    • Help individuals and teams deepen their resilience to reduce stressand burnout
    • Facilitate greater cross-functional and departmental collaboration
    • Facilitate multi-stakeholder processes to support strategic thinking and systemic change