Peter Baily

    Works in English

    Peter Baily is a commitment to strengthening the human dynamics in social enterprises and NGOs worldwide. In 2013, he co-founded The Kairos Project with a mission to make professional development accessible to all organisations striving for a sustainable future. Since inception, The Kairos Project has run over 300 projects with 160 organisations in 11 languages.

    Peter Baily has been working in professional development for over 10 years through his two coaching practices, The Kairos Project and Because It’s There. He was trained by the Newfield Group in 2008 and is accredited NCC with the Newfield Network and ACC with International Coaching Federation.

    He has worked with senior figures in many NGOs including MSF, Teach For All, Aga Khan Foundation, Frontline Aids, Global Greengrants, and Friends of the Earth. He is a coach for TED Fellows and the Unreasonable Institute. Two of his favourite projects have been working on Robert Swan’s Leadership program in Antarctica and designing and delivering on a Sustainability Awareness program for schools in the French Alps.

    Shaped by life experiences, he now believes passionately in the ability of professional development to help social enterprises create a sustainable future – specifically his hope and belief lies in harnessing the passion and drive of all those in this sector to deliver extraordinary results in meaningful work.