Joanne Heeson

    Works in English

    Joanne has been working as a coach and facilitator since 2007 and with the Kairos Project since 2011. Her purpose in life is to serve clients by facilitating opportuniites for transformational change based on awareness and choice. Over the last three years she has become fascinated by the power of “somatic experiences”; working with clients to ensure that lasting change through “embodiment” plays a critical role in understanding how to resolve difficult challenges. She has worked with a diverse group of clients, both corporate and the non-profit sectors as well as several CEO/founders of small organisations and clients working in the Arts. The work she does is relevant and impactful for all types of organisations, as well as a diverse range of individual clients.

    Over the last twenty years, Joanne has been on a rich cultural journey in the UK, Germany, Chile, Mexico, the USA and Switzerland. Having lived in six countries she has acquired a profound understanding of the cultural context and the stories which shape us. She is also fascinated by how our life journeys shape our experience of the world; it has been a privilege for her to work with many clients on their cross-cultural, as well as their professional and personal journeys.