•  Increase your ability to think and approach life and work dilemmas in more effective ways

•  Explore and identify the key polarities present in your life both personally and professionally

•  Apply a tool to harness the power of managing your polarities

•  Deepen ability to manage and leverage current and future polarities

All webinars are highly interactive, participative and immediately applicable to your professional and/or private context. We will use peer learning, individual reflection and additional learning resources such as videos, articles and learning guides. Webinars will be recorded for participants’ use and further immersion. The programme concludes with an individual action plan to carry your learning forward.  Furthermore, you will receive additional personalised support in a follow-on group mentoring session at reduced group size.


Like day and night, personal life and work life, exercising and resting, local and global, change and stability, mission and revenue, etc, polarities are interdependent values that support each other.

Polarities are present in life and they have existed since ancient times. Yin and Yang , in ancient Chinese philosophy, is a concept of dualism, two halves that together complete a wholeness.

Some of these polarities, paradoxes or dilemmas, are perhaps apparent and some others are not that visible for us. In any case, chances are you might be missing out on the power of managing polarities as such and not confusing and addressing them as problems to be solved. For example trying to nail the “solution” to focusing on serving your organization’s mission or focusing on serving your team members?

Polarities are also present in our ways of being and leading ourselves and others like being challenging and being supportive, being optimistic and being realistic.

The power of managing polarities as interdependent pairs and not problems to be solved will contribute to a more fulfilling personal and professional life. So how to first identify them and then manage them for maximum benefits?

This program will introduce you to an approach and a tool to identify, manage and harness the power of the polarities that might be pressing you at the moment, especially in the context of the unprecedented times we are currently living in.


Webinar 1: The power of “both/and” thinking

Webinar 2: Seeing the (polarity) matrix for the first time

Webinar 3: Polarities, a force to be harnessed

Webinar 4: Managing your polarities in a sustainable way

Session 5: Group Mentoring – personalised support and guidance


  • 1 place = £ 350/person

    2 places = £ 550

    3 or more places = £250 each

    Group discounts available

  • Reduced price and pro-bono places available on request
  • Supplementary Coaching available at a reduced rate when booked with the programme


Webinar 1:

Webinar 2:

Webinar 3:

Webinar 4:

Session 5:

Facilitated By

Paula Lazo Rivera

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