Programme objectives – what can you expect to learn?

    • Understand your emotional habits and how they influence what results you can achieve;
    • Increase your behavioural range and emotional self-awareness to optimise your impact;
    • Learn techniques to deal with challenging emotions, in yourself and others;
    • Find the right level of assertiveness and cultivate presence through compassion, acceptance and gratitude;
    • Work with the body through movement and body posture to design positive and constructive moods – a predisposition for fruitful action


    All webinars are highly interactive, participative and immediately applicable to your professional and/or private context. We will use peer learning, individual reflection and additional learning resources such as videos, articles and learning guides. Webinars will be recorded for participants’ use and further immersion. The programme concludes with an individual action plan to carry your learning forward.  Furthermore, you will receive additional personalised support in a follow-on group mentoring session at reduced group size.

    What is this programme about?

    During times of uncertainty, we often resort to emotional habits that may – or may not – contribute to our wellbeing and growth. For continued emotional equilibrium, effectiveness and performance it is essential to self-regulate and develop a wide range of emotional responses. This is generally known as emotional intelligence or agility, which can be defined as an ability to perceive emotions in yourself and others, understand and manage them and use them proactively to generate desired outcomes.

    This programme will help you develop your emotional agility, starting with increased awareness, both of yourself and other people, and how you interact with others. You will learn techniques to expand your behavioural range and emotional “repertoire” in order to stay calm, focused and connected to other people and your values. Through exercises and immediately applicable practices you can cultivate more presence and strength without the need to control or supress your emotions.


    Session Contents and Registration

    • Free Orientation Session 


    • Webinar 1:  Emotional agility and embodied self-awareness


    • Webinar 2:  Dealing with challenging emotions, interface of thought, emotion and body


    • Webinar 3:    Assertiveness and strong presence


    • Webinar 4:    Managing moods for individual and team well-being and performance, personal action plan


    • Session 5:  Group Mentoring – personalised support and guidance


    Please note: Each course requires a minimum of 6 attendees, please email us with expressions of interest and we will be in touch as soon as dates are available. Thank you.

    Facilitated By Alexandra Montgomery

    Alexandra is an accredited leadership coach, facilitator and yoga-mindfulness teacher with over 20 years’ experience in international management, organisational development, human resources and start-up projects. She has worked with a diversity of organisations and networks, both in the social-environmental and corporate sector. Alexandra accompanies individuals and teams on their journeys towards more inclusive, people-centered and emotionally agile forms of leadership & collaboration. Dedicated to new/conscious ways of working, Alexandra uses innovative body-mind techniques to foster courage, a spirit of continuous learning and alignment in people, organisations and communities.

    Emotional Agility – Learning Resources

    Lisa Feldman Barrett PhD challenges existing affective science

    Susan David PhD on Emotional Agility TED talk

    Article on Assertiveness

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