Paola Marinoni

    Works in Portuguese and Italian

    Paola is an integral life coach, deep embodied listener, caring and passionate in supporting personal growth for social impact leaders.

    Certified Master Integral coach by Integral Coaching Canada TM. Integral coaching is a methodology based on the principles of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory. It acts simultaneously in the multiple dimensions of the human being, contemplating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

    Paola integrates in her coaching tools such as Otto Scharmers U -Theory, Social Presencing Theatre (body based awareness), Enneagram, Mindfulness, among others,.

    Has over 25 years of experience as executive manager, of which 15 in leading roles in social impact organizations. Since 2013 has been acting as life coach, consultant and facilitator for social enterprises.

    Paola believes in the strengthening of civil society as the path to less social injustice and more sustainable society. She believes in supporting impact leaders as complex, unique individuals who bring with them their own biography, beliefs, strengths, fragilities who need to be welcomed and supported in their process of self-consciousness and self-development in order to be able to make their life journey truer and aligned with their potential.

    Is Associate Professional Coach with the International coaching Federation.