Ksenia Forafonova

    Works in Russian

    As a coach and consultant Ksenia works with individuals to help create happier and more fulfilling lives, supporting people to find self expression and generate balance in all areas.

    Ksenia is a sensitive and authentic coach. From the first session she creates a safe, caring and inspiring space where changes happen easily and results are maintained. Her approach to clients’ experiences and emotions is warm and respectful. Ksenia works closely with each individual client to help them achieve their dreams, desires and objectives.

    With a degree in Economics & Public Administration, Ksenia started her career with international Companies. After years in business and governmental organisations her growing interest in the nature of being human brought her to work as a Coach.

    Ksenia is an experienced HR professional working with career development and the challenges of career change; and understands how quality of life is directly linked to the joy and satisfaction we experience in our job and occupation.

    Ksenia is interested in neurology and amazed by the way our subconscious impacts our thoughts and everyday choices, personal habits and patterns. She is engaged in research investigating and implementing new approaches in this field.

    During coaching sessions there is always a dynamic combination of theory, and practice in the present; generating understanding and integration. Using somatic (bodily gesture and posture) practice in the coaching process is a powerful component in her work.

    Ksenia is deeply concerned with issues of ecology, waste and responsible consumption and volunteers in these fields. She loves to spend time outdoors in the natural world.