Ainhoa Campo

    Works in Spanish and English

    Ainhoa is an executive and life coach, facilitator, psychologist and entrepreneur whose deepest desire is to bring the potential of people to its highest performance.

    Ainhoa has worked with corporate and self-owned businesses. For her, it is the integral development of the individual as a human being that brings out exceptional managers, workers and leaders.

    As facilitator she holds seminars focused on creativity, stress management and also Mindfulness and Personal development. Ainhoa has spent 4 years studying with the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme, Ainhoa is clear that to change the world you need to first begin with yourself. She loves working with the present capacities of the client to bring them to their full expression.

    She says “My aim is to open the horizon of possibilities and to strengthen the personal flexibility that will support change. When working with teams or groups my goal is improving group dynamics and to use the power of the group to produce change.”

    Ainhoa has developed her own café, internet business and her business as coach, facilitator and psychologist. She works with kids in the Children and Teenagers Mental Hospital of Sarriguren in Spain. She is also working with a school, coaching the teachers as the leaders that they are, so that they can in return empower their students.

    As a student Ainhoa worked for the Red Cross as a volunteer, which awoke her interest in the NGO world. Ainhoa is equally at home working with both intuition and technical knowledge and deals with issues related to kids and teenagers as well as those around eating-disorders.