Mercedes Villalba

    Works in Spanish and English

    Mercedes is a Certified Ontological Coach who trained with the Latin American Coaching School. She discovered ontological coaching through her Drama teacher, who is a coach, back in 2012. Her coaching training started there in the Drama lessons, with a particular emphasis in emotions and bodyfulness. She holds a diploma on Theatre and Education from the University of Chile.

    She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and has worked more than 15 years both in for-profit and non-profit international organisations. Mercedes’ experience in project management, leading teams, capacity building, and meeting facilitation in different types of organisations and areas has contributed to her knowledge about what is needed to develop people & teams to their full potential. She strives to create the context where a person can manifest their vulnerability and be open to learning, discovering, and embracing their own potential.

    She works both in Spanish and English. She is Argentinian, currently living in Arroyo de la Miel, a small town near Málaga, Spain. She enjoys travelling and reading.