Robin Van Raaij

    Works in English and Dutch

    Robin is a compassionate and committed (executive) coach/trainer. Sharp, no nonsense and straightforward, he likes to challenge you.

    “My commitment is to provide you with what will support you to develop greater understanding of yourself, explore different perspectives on life, and shape options for dealing with challenges you encounter. “

    Robin is trained and certified as a Zen-meditation teacher, Mindfulness/MBCL trainer and somatic/ontological coach, committed to coaching and training people from all walks of life.

    He has a master’s in Electrotechnical Engineering/System Design and Business administration. He held executive positions in various companies and worked as an independent interim-manager in the field of organizational change, development, and crisis management. Throughout his career he worked across cultures in corporate, government and NGO environments.

    Areas of practice

    • Coaching / Executive coaching/Mentoring
    • Zen-meditation teacher
    • Stress management / Resilience
    • Mindfulness (MBSR, Compassionate living)
    • Facilitation