Bénédicte Lampe

    Works in French, English, Spanish and Italian

    Bénédicte started her practice as a Team Transformation and Leadership Coach 7 years ago, building on two decades of experience as a business leader in amultinational company working in 6 countries.

    A Franco-American now based in Strasbourg, France, she dedicates her energy to bringing the Heart back within teams and to bringing more Diversity and Inclusion inthe business environment.

    She is a certified Ontological Coach from the Newfield® Institute in Colorado, anInsights Discovery® Licensed Practitioner and a certified Engendering Balance®Coach. In addition to her Coaching work, she also dedicates significant time tovolunteer work, including serving on the Board of the Marion Woodman Foundationand as Co-Chair of BodySoul Europe, organizing BodySoul Rhythms® workshops andmeditations on Labyrinths.

    Bénédicte loves planting seeds for growth in fellow human beings, using powerful images and metaphors and creating appropriate rituals to support their development individually or in teams. Her coaching work is informed by Jungian dream analysis, Somatic Experiencing, Authentic movement, Voice and Creative work.