Ignacio Céspedes Fell

    Works in Spanish and English
    I am passionate about accompanying the people who give life to organisations to connect with their essence, being in a safe space of deep personal reflection, on the permanent path of transforming themselves into a new version of themselves, more effective, more authentic and more in tune with their purpose in life.

    I am deeply grateful to have accompanied these years and to have been nourished by the leaders of Latin American organisations that work to generate impact and social justice in areas as broad as human rights, gender, feminism, sexual diversity, territorial defenders or climate initiatives. In general, organisations with a strong sense of purpose.

    In my conversations, I try to put my experience of more than 25 years as an executive, executive coach, facilitator and consultant at the service of cultural transformations in organisations. From my early years, I have a background as an engineer and an MBA. Then, I became certified as a Coach with The Newfield Network and I have deepened my knowledge in several social technologies such as Nonviolent Communication, Theory U, Theatre of Social Presence, Emotional Integration, Sociocracy and Conflict Transformation based on Dialogue, to mention a few.

    I accompany processes in both Spanish and English. I was born in Patagonia and live in Santiago de Chile, near the Cordillera, married to Paola, and I am the father of Joaquín, Santiago and Olivia. I enjoy the outdoors, dancing, singing and sailing.

    Areas of practice

    • Executive coaching: individual and teams
    • Cultural transformation
    • Emerging leadership
    • Conflict transformation
    • Collaboration and engagement