Alvaro Pérez Pooley

    Works in Spanish

    I’m Alvaro Pérez Pooley, psychologist, ontological coach and musician. I love supporting and inspiring people and organizations in their look for creative solutions through the different tools that I have discovered along my way.

    I have several studies in organizational development, personal growth and innovative dynamics for human development. More than 20 years of experience in different tools of self-knowledge and development of consciousness, 10 years of experience in clinical psychology, 8 years in organizational consultancies both in Chile and abroad, and 7 years of experience in comprehensive coaching.

    Cultural promoter and specialist in designing creative spaces that generate transformation of people through the integration of different tools such as coaching, music, theater, various artistic tools and meditative techniques. I also have several years of experience with personal entrepreneurship, various projects linked to coaching, cultural development and currently a member of the Kairos Project team in Chile.