Carolina Valdenegro

    Works in Spanish

    I’m passionate about stimulating the transformation process in organizations and people that want to evolve. As a Coach and facilitator, I’ve been working for more than 15 years, supporting individuals and teams.

    To know about ourselves deeply, to build positive relationships and to contribute to the build-up of healthy and stimulating working environments are some fundamentals that keep me motivated every day.

    Recently engaged projects

    Designed and delivered a performance management culture at a Digital media company, working with the Management Team through workshops and coaching in order to effectively improve the results and performance of the company.

    Facilitated alignment to the sales top team and One-on-one coaching in an international Health service company, to solve key differences and define the framework for true collaboration.

    Facilitated the redesigning of the organizational structure: roles, talent management, and employee experience, working hand in hand with the board to achieve sustainable growth within the IT company.

    Designed and delivered a leadership development program with workshops and coaching to the top 50 leaders and contributed to the employer brandingof an international company dedicated to agriculture.

    References of my work

    •Since 2004 I have been working for HR services (in multinational and local companies), leading different kinds of teams and business lines (Outsourcing, Change Management, Leadership, and Coaching). Broad experience working with professionals and Industries with an IT & Engineering profile.
    •I’m good at designing transformational programs as well as implementing and facilitating them with a foster, challenging, creative and flexible approach that allows me to adapt to what is needed at any time.
    •My clients have remarked my ability to design tailor made programs that fit with the specific challenges of the organization and its key players, focused on providing value and achieving long term results.

    Personal overview: I live in Chile, surrounded by nature with my partner and two children. I love to spend time with them, enjoying nature, hiking, gardening and reading. Once a week, I try to spend time with friends and cultivate meaningful relationships.