Rehab Abbas

    Works in English and Arabic

    Rehab is an Ontological coach, cross-cultural trainer, and a value certified facilitator.

    Her purpose is to empower people to acknowledge their limitations and reach their full potential.

    She works with organisations, teams and individuals to eliminate cultural barriers by building strong connections with teams, clients and business partners across cultures.

    Her aim is to transform cultural gaps into a shared space of effective communication, powerful connections and desirable results, where people feel valued, trusted, appreciated and supported.

    Her vision is to bring cultural and values awareness, understanding and harmony. She believes culture and values are at the heart of all we do from what we wear, eat, celebrate and value to who we are, how we think, judge, behave and act. Therefore, they are an essential part of the human life equation, and pre-determines how we shape up in the world and how others perceive us.

    She works with clients in a holistic approach where she focuses on the three main domains of the human being; The Linguistic-Self (what is said and what is not said), The Emotional-Self (how our emotions and feelings steer our behaviors and actions), and The Somatic-Self (how we show up in the world and how others perceive us).

    Rehab is passionate about supporting and working with refugees. She works closely and collectively with multi-agency,e.g. education, health, police, housing, and NGOs to develop strategies and high standard service for the refugees to be able to take control of their lives, design their future and create a meaningful lifestyle.
    She is at home coaching in Arabic or English.

    Rehab is married with two kids, she moved with her family to the UK in early 2011.
    She enjoys exploring new places, reading, creative writing, running and rock climbing.