Paresh Kanani

    Works in English
    Paresh Kanani is a Venture Investor and Executive Coach who works with individuals, groups, large to small not-for-profit and for-profit organisations, and family offices to create personal and organisational change through Ontological Coaching, Facilitation, Constellations and Yoga/Meditation. Paresh has also extensively worked with both the 3rd Sector and in the public/private sector with ‘purpose’ driven organisations.
    Paresh has worked for over 20 years in senior positions with Banks and in the family Office space in New York and London. He brings a unique perspective to human and business/organisational development, employee engagement, governance, leadership and coaching. He has been mentoring/advising individuals and teams throughout his business career. He started mentoring graduates in banking then later helping family offices with generational transitions and conflict resolution. He has invested in start–up businesses, provided informal coaching and mentoring to the management teams as a Board member. A reoccurring key to success is the quality of the management team, the communication/connection between the respective stakeholders, identifying unhelpful patterns in individuals/teams/organisations and helping key persons manage their personal and professional lives.
    In 2010, Paresh chose to formally develop the human aspect of his work and completed the Newfield Coaching qualification, a holistic Yoga teaching course and a Diploma in Family Constellations (with Hellinger). He has continued his training in Family and Organisational constellations and organised unique and experiential workshops in London in 2018/19 both for individuals and organisations.

    Paresh seeks to empower individuals to operate in a state of Conscious Leadership and realise their true potential to generate high performance and greater self-awareness. Coaching provides a unique insight into the workings of a team and organisation that can lead to material change.
    He has three young sons and lives in London. He enjoys challenging himself by engaging in activities that take him outside his comfort zone. He recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a disabled group to raise money for charity and has completed several sporting challenges (triathlons, 10k’s and 100 mile bike rides) to raise money and awareness of charity.