Marcela Iglesias

    Works in Spanish. English. Portuguese and Catalan

    Psychologist and Coach, Newfield.

    Martial Arts Instructor.

    Native Wisdom. Transformative Experiences.

    Languages: Spanish. English. Some Portuguese and Catalan.

    Marcela is an holistic therapist who integrate psychology and energetic wisdom, through Martial Arts (Qi Gong, Taiji and Kung Fu).

    For 20 years, she has been working in the service of community wellbeing,  environmental care and sustainability.  She has researched the wisdom of the native peoples; their worldviews and their connection with nature, as a contribution to the current culture.

    Marcela has over 10 years experience directing important foundations and natural reserves in Chile. Within this work, she has designed innovative programs of transformative experiences with emphasis on citizen participation, dialogue in natural context,  generation of new methodologies based on collective intelligence and creative group processes that renew meaning to communities and organisations.