Categories: English speaking coaches

    Paresh Kanani

    Works in English

    Paresh Kanani is a Venture Investor and Executive Coach who works with individuals, gro…

    Diego Cuadra

    Coaches in Spanish, English and French
    Santiago, Chile

    Diego is an ontological coach specialized in generating creative spaces for change. He…

    Asha Nair

    Works in English and Hindi

    Asha’s philosophy in leadership development and coaching is influenced by her 17+ years…

    Marcela Iglesias

    Works in Spanish. English. Portuguese and Catalan

    Marcela is an holistic therapist who integrate psychology and energetic wisdom, threw M…

    Rachel Adams

    Works in English

    Rachel is a leadership and transformation specialist, a neuroscience/ontological/person…

    Shungu Chirunda

    Works in English

    Shungu is a Certified Integral Coach and Certified Breathwork Practitioner, whose pract…

    Mercedes Villalba

    Works in Spanish and English

    Mercedes is a Certified Ontological Coach who trained with the Latin American Coaching…