Welcome to our GAGGA Workshop Series

    Welcome to our series. We are thrilled that you are taking an interest in our four workshops. These have been selected by you through our survey in the last few months. You can select and participate in whichever ones you like. However we would highly recommend that you sign up for all four – as they build on each other very well.

    The purpose of these workshops is to support you and your grassroots organisation in these challenging times. You are now operating in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment and you may be finding that your habitual practices, aimed at procedure-driven problem-solving and reducing uncertainty, are no longer effective.

    Supporting people like you to flourish into the emerging future is part of our mission and we are thrilled to offer you this opportunity to up-skill or re-skill your tools and behaviours for the 21st century

    Our ontological learning methodology builds perspective-shifting and behavioural agility. Participants in our workshops will get introduced to fundamental systemic concepts, build awareness through experiential exercises and be immersed in practising new strategies and behaviours.

    For more information, take a look at the four workshops below and please feel free to sign up to all of them via the button below.

    Please register as soon as possible. We have only 25 places for each workshop. These will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Series Structure

    1. Building Leadership Resilience through Mindfulness: Tuesday 2nd August, 10am -12pm CAT on Zoom
    2. Increase your Leadership Impact with Embodied Intelligence: Thursday 25 August, 10am -12pm CAT on Zoom
    3. Effective Collaboration with people from different backgrounds: Thursday 22 September, 10am -12pm CAT on Zoom
    4. Better Decision-making within leadership and across the organisation: Tuesday 18 October, 10am -12pm CAT on Zoom
    • Each workshop is 2 hours and facilitated by a Kairos expert
    • You can expect some practices and exercise between workshops

    Four Workshops for Strengthening your Leadership

    Building Leadership Resilience through Mindfulness

    Tuesday 2nd August, 10am -12pm CAT Workshop objectives – what can you expect to learn? Identify gateways and strategies to develop your own sense of being well. Strengthen your resilience through trialling new practices. Recognise the experience of stress – both personal and organisational. Make choices about your response to difficult situations. Distinctions between self-care and [...]

    Increase your Leadership Impact with Embodied Intelligence.

    Thursday 25 August, 10am -12pm CAT.   Workshop objectives – what can you expect to learn? Understand how you can work with the body to be the leader that you want to be. Explore how your body shapes the way you see the world and decisions you make. Become aware of the body as an intelligence [...]

    Effective Collaboration with people from different backgrounds

    Thursday 22 September, 10am -12pm CAT Workshop objectives – what can you expect to learn? Explore your unconscious biases and how this impact your behaviour. Strengthen your ability to see and understand multiple perspectives. Develop competencies and tools to communicate effectively. Increase your ability to be open, curious and hold complexity. Develop an ongoing practice of [...]

    Better Decision-making within leadership and across the organisation

    Tuesday 18 October, 10am -12pm CAT. Workshop objectives – what can you expect to learn? Evaluate the effectiveness of your decision-making; Understand how unconscious bias affects decision-making; How to move from consensus to consent-based decision-making; Incorporate intuition and wisdom for better outcomes Our workshop is highly interactive, participative and immediately applicable to your professional and/or private context. [...]

     Further information:

    If you have a question about any of our workshops, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

    Thank you.