We have built a relationship of great confidence and closeness with Prospera despite the fact they are based in Mexico and our team is in Chile. Since 2016, we have worked with them on the internal development of their management team and, at the same time, with leaders of member organisations of the Prospera network.


Strengthening the impact and sustainability of the organization and its leaders;

· Developing leaders and leadership;

· Understanding organisational roles;

· Implementing their vision of organisational structure – hierarchy, matrix, and network;

· Growing Capacity of Prospera to support their network of organisations

– not only helping to fund their core purposes, but also developing leadership capacity and its leaders.


A committed partnership over 3 years;

· 3 other clients have came through their reference to us;

· 90% of participants rate our work 9 and above out of 10;

· A growing range of development services from coaching to team building. 

"A valuable and relevant journey which enabled me to become a more authentic and confident manager"
International HIV/Aids Alliance
'The Kairos Project is the best thing to happen to me in a long time!”
The Fund For Global Human Rights
“It is a wonderful experience of learning to understand how my body and mind affecting with my confidences, with my relationship, and with my work”
Global Green Grants Fund

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