What if?

    Rehab Abbas

    Imagine yourself on a glowing, sunny day. The sun, shining like a golden ray beaming from the sky. The birds chirping away, happily. The ground, dressed in a light green dress. The air is scented as if someone has sprayed perfume everywhere. The sky, as blue as a blueberry with little, white, sweet cotton candies. The sunshine, spreading happiness and joy through warmth.

    You decide to go out, you open your arms, wildly filling in your lungs with the sweet scented air and you exhale with a relieved sigh. You take a look around you, capturing the beautiful scene.

    Now let’s pause for a moment:

    How was that for you?

    What are your feelings and thoughts?

    What mood does it create?

    How would this impact your day?


    Now imagine the sun, being chased by a giant grey cloud. The sky, hiding it’s naturalblue colour. Suddenly, it’s colour gets darker and darker. You can hear the thunder rumbling, you can fear the lightning strikes. All around you is darkness and anger. As you look around, you feel the sky pouring on you. Rain falls on the dry soil and the earthy smell replaces all the scented air. You are wet, your body is shaking, your shoulders slumped, you hug yourself to keep yourself warm and safe. You run as fast as you can, you can hardly catch your breath, all you think about is making your way home, locking yourself in and feeling safe.


    Now let’s pause for a moment:

    How was that for you?

    What are your feelings and thoughts?

    What mood does it create?

    How would this impact your day?


    The sun rises daily, declaring the start of a new day, a new beginning and so are your bright ideas, flashing lights, signalling and striving for a change to rise and shine in your horizon.

    What makes all the difference in your day is when you ask yourself the inevitable question “What if…?”

    Drawing into past experiences:

    What if I failed?

    What if I lost my job?

    What if nobody listened to me?

    What if everyone makes fun of me?

    What if things only get worse?

    Your inner voice calls on your past experiences, waking up your feelings as if you were living your past right now. Your inner forces; your body, language andemotions battle your bright ideas. Throwing thunder and lighting to warn you so you run back home, to your normal life, lock in your ideas and do more of the same.

    What if instead of freeing past experiences to overshadow new ideas. Instead of allowing fear and anxiety to overpower your excitement and self confidence, you decide to follow the thread of lights, your hopes and dreams? To take control and guide your inner forces to become happier and to live a fulfilling life.



    From an ontological perspective, language, emotion and body, merge together creating a coherence.

    When you think about horrible things yet to happen you create a coherence that leads to undesirable results; closing opportunities, turning down offers, letting go of new actions and you end up staying in the same place, doing more of the same.

    Your present life becomes a modified version of your past and your future is a slightly better version of your past and present.



    Change allows you to have clear distinction and the ability to use two powerful words: before and after.

    Your key to make a change in your life is self-awareness. The more you observe your inner forces, the more you pay attention to your body, your language, your mood and emotions. The more you have the choice to control and guide your inner forces.

    If we were to talk about awarness, we can’t forget our self-compassion: embracing our falls before our leaps is the way to keep going and not to stop trying.

    Start by imagining your future, sharing your ideas and taking new actions on board. Let go of the past, so your present is your pathway to a brighter future.

    Remember, the sun rises every day; declaring a new day, a new beginning and so can you.

    What can you do NOW?

    By Kairos Associate: Rehab Abbas

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