Welcome and thank you for your interest! We have extended this coaching opportunity to support global organization staff members with all that you are taking care of now, the most important of which is yourself. The Kairos Project Coaches, who we’ve worked with for several years now, are ready to listen and support you in navigating challenges, whatever they may be.


    Like before, we encourage you to bring whatever you would like to discuss. The session will be a safe, confidential space to name your concerns, explore perspectives, and to simply be in these dynamic times. Remember, while the People, Organization & Culture team is coordinating this offering, your coaching sessions will be 100% confidential. We will gather anonymous data on how many people use the service and self-identified data on the theme they want to explore. This information will be used to help decide future learning and support offerings only.


    Sign up for a coaching session below.

    To ensure that all staff members have equal access to this coaching opportunity, we ask that you please limit your registration to no more than three sessions per quarter, starting with one session at a time.

    Follow these steps to schedule your first session:

    1. Select your preferred language (English or Spanish)
    2. Select your coach and your available time

    If you would like coaching in another available language (Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, French, German, Dutch, or Arabic) please email the contacts below directly.

    Contacts: [email protected] and [email protected]


    Please note that session times and coach availability are listed for about one month out. There will be more sessions available for the upcoming month and listed during the last week of the previous month. In other words, please check back for more available times.


    Important: Please note that signing up for a session will hold that spot, and not showing up will mean that a session is forfeited. If needed, please give at least 24 hour notice to reschedule