Welcome to the Teach For All Embodied Practice Program!
    As part of your program, you can book a mentoring session with one of our embodiment coaches. The aim of the personalized mentoring is to
    • Grow your sensory awareness to become more present to blind spots and automatic habits
    • and how they are connected to your physical sensations, breath and movement!
    • Help you disrupt any unhelpful reactions, emotional responses or thought patterns that might hold you back.
    • Build a practice that helps you shift into new behaviours that are more effective for your Ways of Working.


    Sign up for a mentoring session below.

    To ensure that all staff members have equal access to this coaching opportunity, we ask that you please limit your registration to no more than three sessions per quarter, starting with one session at a time.

    Follow these steps to schedule your first session:

    1. Click Book Your Session button
    2. Select your coach and your available time
    3. Your coach will contact you with a Zoom link

    If you would like mentoring in another available language (Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, French, German, Dutch, or Arabic) please email the contact below directly.

    Contact: [email protected]


    Please note that this offer is available until the end of April.