Welcome and thank you for your interest in coaching!

    We are delighted to extend the coaching offer to all our members of staff.

    The purpose of this coaching opportunity is to support your wellbeing and effectiveness at work. Coaches from The Kairos Project, who we have worked with over the past year, are ready to listen and support you in navigating your role, team relations, ideas for growth and personal goals, whatever they may be.

    What can you expect?

    The coaches will support you on an individual, needs-based, ad hoc basis. We encourage you to bring whatever you would like to discuss. The session will be a safe, non-judgemental space to reflect on challenges, explore different perspectives, and find guidance for practical next steps.

    The coaching sessions are 100% confidential. We will gather anonymised data on how many people use the service and on the themes they want to explore, such as building resilience, decision-making, career progression, team communication etc. This information will be used to help us decide on future learning and support offerings.


    Sign up for a coaching session below.

    This programme has now closed. Thank you for your interest in coaching. Should you wish to inquire about individual coaching, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

    How to prepare for your session

    Our intention is that the conversations flow and that they are focused on you. In order to get most out of your session, we recommend that you reflect on the following:

    • Thinking of the particular challenge you would like to discuss with your coach, what would you like to be different?
    • What have you done so far to address this?
    • What seems to be getting in the way?
    • What resources or opportunities are available to you?