Horses are highly sensitive group-oriented beings that help your team develop trust and learn together in a deeply transformative way. Outdoor-based, experiential and fun!

    Working with horses helps your team build trust and learn together in a new way –experience, understand and adopt qualities and practice of effective collaboration. With direct emotional and somatic experience you will address the complex dynamics of communication, relationships, collaboration, accountability, integrity, respect, trust and humility



    • Go beyond intellectual understanding towards deeply felt and embodied trust and collaborative principles.
    • Receive immediate feedback on individual team member’s style from the horses
    • Shed light and deepen your understanding of how the team works together
    • Create effective new ways of working to achieve a common aim or goal
    • Gain awareness on team blind spots and how to work with them
    • Find your team’s learning edge and create effective development plans


    Our intention with working with the horses is that you find a new depth of exploration in a committed spirit of excellence. The programme is laid out over two or three days and supported by further coaching and team facilitation that ensures new practices and behaviours are fully absorbed and embodied for you, your team and organisation.


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