(Re)connect, clarify and align with your organisational purpose. Develop nimble strategies to respond to ever-changing conditions in your wider ecosystem.


    Purpose is the North Star that gives direction and meaning to all organisational activity. This programme provides you with the space to (re)connect, clarify and align with your organisational purpose within the larger ecosystem. You will co-create a road map to operationalise your purpose, embedding nimble strategies that respond to ever- changing conditions and leverage collaboration and commitment.




    • Explore the wider organizational ecosystem including key stakeholders, interests, power structures and resources.
    • Reconnect, clarify and align with organisational purpose (or founding intent) to provide orientation and meaning and inform emerging strategy.
    • Reveal organizational and leadership blind spots that keep you from harnessing innovation and future possibilities.
    • Tap into the collective wisdom, sense what is emerging and envision a shared future.
    • Crystallise a way forward, e.g. a strategic steer, pilot initiatives, development plan.


    During this multi-day programme, your participants will dive deeply into the heart and soul of your organisation. We will work with you using creative techniques and body-mind methods to generate deep conversations and insights. You will co-create new possibilities and plot the journey towards a future together.


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