Align on the purpose of your work together, clarify direction and agree on the values and behaviours you want to see in each other. Create a road map that serves as a point of accountability.

    Increasingly, people are searching for more consciousness, sustainability and meaningful experience in their work lives. Organisations use explicit purpose and value statements to resonate with people’s intrinsic values and sense of meaning – and to increase loyalty and impact. In order to become more than mere declarations of intent, purpose and values need to be shared, demonstrated and felt across the organisational ecosystem.


    • Build a committed and aligned team that focuses on what is truly important.
    • Clarify needs and expectations among team members and for the team as a whole in its organisational context.
    • Develop a framework for collaboration (team charter) that includes decision-making principles, transparent communication and conflict resolution.
    • Agree on values and associated behaviours that help the team achieve its objectives.
    • Deal with competing commitments, establish clear boundaries and agreements.
    • Lay the foundation for trust, motivation, co-responsibility and accountability in your team.


    In this programme module your team will align on the purpose of their work together, clarify the team’s mission and direction and agree on the values and behaviours they want to see in each other. They will co-create a visual or written Team Charter that serves as a point of accountability and road map.

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