The outdoors allow for a deeper experience of leadership and prepare you for disruption – a key component for leading change. Immerse yourself into a whole-person challenge!

    There are three ways to incorporate the outdoors as part of your leadership development with The Kairos Project.

      1. Self-selected challenge – here we co-design a coaching program with you that includes an outdoor challenge element. This does not need to be something extreme – we have worked with people on swimming, biking, climbing, running and mountaineering challenges – all of them as powerful as each other
      2. Team Event Challenge – this can be part of a leadership program or a stand-alone intervention. Your team are put through an experience which generates a rich framework for fresh thinking and perspective on how they are as leaders – we have done this through hiking, kayaking and indoor climbing. One insight from a recent participant was that “falling is essential learning pathway to succeeding”
      3. 9-month Team Leadership program – here we offer our leadership development program with an agreed outdoor challenge. This could be a multi-day hike, a bike journey, a mountain experience, to name a few.



    • Developing leadership qualities through an immersive experience
    • Understanding leadership from a whole person perspective
    • Physical challenges offer positive feedback mechanism as part of the learning
    • Change requires commitment, focus and perseverance; challenges are a perfect vehicle for sustaining a learning journey
    • At the heart of challenges is disruption, an essential component for change


    Parallel learning experiences are an extremely powerful way to see how we are – as human being, as partners, as leaders. Many have said that the white slopes of mountains are merely screens for projecting onto all that makes us human.

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