Support your next generation of leaders – build early managers’ confidence, leadership mindset, people management capacity and resilience.


    New managers develop best when they can access both know-how and on-going support early in their management career. In addition to technical and professional knowledge, their role requires them to operate with a wider range of perspectives and behaviours. The intention of this programme is to support early managers in building capacity, confidence, resilience and presence, so they can apply their skills effectively within their daily work context and embark on a life-long learning path.


    • Understand your role within the wider organisation and learn how to influence and communicate skilfully across the organisational eco-system.
    • Build a personal leadership brand that truly represents your values and aligns with your professional context.
    • Become aware of your management style and build behavioural range for increased confidence and agility.
    • Strengthen foundational people management competencies such as listening, powerful dialogue (feedback and feedforward) and delegation.
    • Acquire innovative tools for planning, prioritisation, meetings and decision-making.


    We work with you to design a customised programme that best fits the requirements of your early management cohort. The multi-phased programme will include self-awareness building in addition to foundational best practices for people management and leadership. Emphasis is placed on applied group or peer learning and developing personal action plans.


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