Welcome to your Coaching Programme 2004

    The idea of this coaching provision is tactical – to support you in moments when you need to make an important decision, navigate stressful situations, are stuck with something; you might need to check your thinking, see things different, or draw on an outside perspective for sense making.

    We are delighted to introduce you to all the coaches on your programme. All our coaches are trained in Ontological methodology and adhere to the ICF standard of ethics; everything that is discussed in your sessions is absolutely 100% confidential; you decide the focus of the session and what is the most powerful use of your time. The only reporting back is the feedback that you will be invited to complete at the end of the session.

    To book a session, simply click on the link below. Here you are able to select a coach and schedule a session. The coaches’ diaries are visible for you to see.

    We hope that you draw an enormous amount of value from your coaching. Please do feel free to give us any feedback on any aspect of your engagement, the coaching, logistics, or outcomes.

    Sign up for a coaching session below – from May 1st, 2024

    To ensure that everyone has equal access to this coaching opportunity, each person has been allocated three sessions.We would recommend having one session per month. 

    Follow these steps to schedule your first session:

    1. Click the Book A Coaching Session
    2. Select your coach and your available time
    3. Your coach will contact you with a Zoom link

    Please note that session times and coach availability are listed for about two months out. There will be more sessions available for the upcoming month and listed during the last week of the previous month. In other words, please check back for more available times.

    Important: Please note that signing up for a session will hold that spot, and not showing up will mean that a session is forfeited. If needed, please give at least 24 hour notice to reschedule.