Strengthen your team’s capacity to listen deeply to each other, co-create powerful dialogues that foster connection and sustainable impact.

    Effective communication is at the heart of coordinating action with others. Many workplaces are characterised by recurring conflict, avoidance of difficult conversations, misunderstanding, lack of follow-up, and sometimes even disrespectful interactions, all of which affect the organisation’s capacity to generate impact and retain key talent. 


    • Learn to listen deeply, both to rational and emotional dimensions and the context in which they are presented.
    • Use open questions to catalyse positive solutions, progress and ownership in the other person.
    • Create commitment and alignment through effective feedforward (goal-setting) conversations
    • Generate stronger and more authentic connections with and among your teams as you transform monologues into true dialogues.
    • Become aware of the elements of successful requests and offers and put it into practice.
    • Acquire tools for strong boundaries and follow-up of agreed actions.


    In this experiential programme your team will practise deeper levels of listening and co-create spaces for true dialogue. Participants will be introduced to proven communication tools, such as Non-Violent Communication, Effective Requests and Offers, Feedback and Feedforward Models. The programme focuses largely on practise and concludes with a collective and/or individual action plan to carry learning forward.


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