Walk the Talk. Develop an authentic leadership style and presence through embodiment techniques – a way of deep listening, conscious movement and integrating the verbal and non-verbal.

    In recent years leaders have come to understand that they cannot simply speak about leadership, they have to embody it through alignment of their values, language and emotions as well as communicating through their physical presence. 93% of communication is non-verbal, so for today’s leaders it is imperative to be aware of how they are communicating and to make choices about what kind of leaders they wish to be as well as what kind of leadership best serves their team or organisation.


    • Profound understanding of what you are communicating non-verbally as a leader
    • Gain clarity of your current leadership style – strengths and weaknesses
    • Listen deeply to your individual response to stress, understand how successful your approach is and practice ways to develop more effective responses
    • Unlock leadership wisdom which already exists within you, no need to digest and learn huge amounts of information
    • Understand your response to stress, learn how your stress warning system works, learn how to manage your stress
    • Respond authentically to the leadership challenges facing your organisation
    • Practice building competence – what you practice is what you become – embodied leadership presence is about walking the talk.
    • Utilise the easy-to-use and effective four elements leadership model to embody coherent leadership that makes sense to others


    In this highly experiential workshop, you will be immersed in movement and innovate body-mind techniques based on the latest neuroscience. Our four elements leadership model allows you to build behavioural range which can will practice and apply in the second phase of the programme – coaching and peer learning. At the end of several months of practical learning we review and create an individualised continued learning plan – this might be another workshop, further training or continued review sessions.

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