Learn how to coach for engagement, empowerment and accountability. This challenging and deeply immersive programme propels you to the next level of leadership.

    Coaching has proven to be a highly effective tool in helping leaders to create more autonomy, ownership and alignment in their teams. Using powerful inquiry, deep listening and a clear communication style, today’s leaders can build a learning culture in their organisations based on continuous feedback and an appreciative, forward-focused mindset.


    • Learn how to coach for engagement, empowerment and accountability.
    • Build self-awareness of current preferences, coaching competence and invest in your personal development.
    • Foster deep listening, incisive inquiry and skilful communication for high performance coaching
    • Understand boundaries, ethics and cultural aspects of coaching
    • Drive organisational impact through coaching and create a coaching or feedback culture
    • Coaching in practice – apply coaching skills in real-time, accompanied by an experienced mentor coach


    This programme is an immersive and challenging experience, designed to raise self-awareness and improve your effectiveness and impact through powerful coaching skills. You will practise your coaching abilities with your peers, receiving feedback from our expert coaches. After the initial workshop, you will continue to practise, using your personal coaching toolkit, and an expert mentor coach to accompany your journey. At the end of several months of practical learning we review and create an individualised continued learning plan – this might be another workshop, further training or continued review sessions.

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