Tomás Gueneau de Mussy Salas

    Works in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese

    Psychologist by degree (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) and then Master in Sociology (Université Paris Dauphine), Tomás has focused on promoting purpose and wellbeing individually and within organizations. Since 2018 Tomás is compiling what he calls Regenerative Communication, from NVC, Theory U, The Work that Reconnects and meditation.

    For 12 years he has served and conducted organizational purpose processes; working in public policy and social innovation as tools for human dignity. He promoted the rise of the B Corporation movement in Latin America from Sistema B and participates as a board member in purpose-driven organizations.

    Passionate for human encounter and communication, Tomás thrives in facilitating spaces for listening, joyous collaboration, awareness evolution, meditation and mindful exercises.

    Traveller, walker, meditator and listener, self-taught bagpiper and crazy about bikes. Tomás speaks Spanish, English and French. Although he lives in Santiago, he has a thing for Patagonia.