Diego Cuadra

    Coaches in Spanish, English and French

    Diego is an ontological coach specialized in generating creative spaces for change. He has dedicated his professional life to human development seeing it as the process of increasing awareness and a way to authentic being.

    He is currently living in Chile expanding the mission of “The Kairos Project” to Chilean and Latin American social organizations. He also works in transforming organizations and the development of soft skills as an independent coach and consultant partner of Platforma Áurea.

    Diego works and facilitates in Spanish, English and French. He is an empathic, transparent person who is very open to learning. He has a huge confidence in people, seeing them as potential to be unleashed. He also has an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset.

    Human development has been the leitmotif of his professional experience and training. For two years he worked in “Un Techo Para Chile” an NGO dedicated to overcoming poverty in Latin America, his role was National Coordinator of the Microcredit Plan. He also worked in education, specifically in the “Enseña Chile Foundation”, a member of the international Teach for All network, where he was responsible for starting the Alumni Department whose aim was to create a network of leaders committed to education. This role grew his understanding of the importance of collaborative work to achieve greater impact in society.

    Diego lived for three years in Belgium where he worked and was trained by the”Center for Creative Leadership”, a world leader in executive leadership training. In parallel to that he designed and facilitated the Essential Coaching Skills Development programmes.