Archives: Staff

    Alexandra Montgomery

    Co-Lead - European Hub

    Alexandra is an accredited leadership coach, facilitator and yoga-mindfulness teacher w…

    Stroud, UK

    Paul is an executive coach, a farmer and runs a programme developing leadership for ind…

    Carola Valdenegro


    Más de 15 años de experiencia en desarrollo de capital humano en empresas de España y C…

    Joanne Heeson

    Co-Lead - European Hub
    Lausanne, Switzerland

    As a coach Jo is motivating, caring, supportive and facilitates transformational and su…

    Tomás Gueneau de Mussy Salas

    Languages - Spanish and English
    Santiago, Chile

    Psychologist by degree (Universidad Alberto Hurtado) and then Master in Sociology (Univ…

    Sian Choo Tong

    Langauge - Mandarin

    Sian Choo is an ontological coach, facilitator and bilingual event host based in Singap…

    Savitri Geg Mas

    Langauges - Bahasa Indonesian, English
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Savitri is an executive coach, transformation facilitator and scuba diver. Her purpose…

    Ruth Jolly

    Coaches in English
    Sussex, UK

    Ruth works as a facilitator, organisational development (OD) specialist and qualified c…

    Robin Van Raaij

    Coaches in English and Dutch
    Eindhoven, Netherlands

    Robin started to coach in his role as manager in R&D environments. In his role as a coa…

    Rehab Abbas

    Coaches in English and Arabic
    London, UK

    Rehab is an Ontological coach, cross-cultural trainer, and a value certified facilitato…

    Peter Baily

    Languages - English and French
    London, UK

    Peter Baily is an executive coach, mountaineer and creative soul. His deepest desire is…

    Paula Lazo Rivera


    Paula brings 19 years of professional experience working in multicultural environments…