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    Experiential Workshop:
    March 27th, Stroud, UK.

    The Kairos Project is delighted to offer an experiential workshop on the principles outlined in Frederick Laloux’s book Re-Inventing Organisations. During 2019, we held 3 workshop in London and 1 in Brussels.

    The idea is to bring alive the main tenet of the book – that organisations change as human consciousness evolves. This concept is not new. It is part of a body of work known as Spiral Dynamics.

    What is new is the documentation and understanding of a whole new group of organisations that defy the normal hierarchy paradigm and live three common principles. These organisations are:

    • Self Organising,
    • Striving for Wholeness with respect and
    • Understanding their Evolutionary Purpose

    In Spiral Dynamics, these are known as Teal Organisations.


    This is a dynamic workshop that allows us to experience the evolutionary stages in organisations, complemented by a powerful and entertaining self-diagnosis of people and your organisation.

    The workshop integrates the knowledge in Laloux’s book, body activities, live music, self-observation and co-learning.


    • Spiral Dynamic’s distinctions
    • Dynamics to replicate in different contexts
    • Storytelling
    • Summary of the model and exploration questions at different levels of intervention (people/organisations)


    People who are interested and inspired by the current evolution in working practices; people who want a space to further their thinking on what it means to be a teal organisation, and what it means to embrace self management , wholeness and evolutionary purpose as norm; people who understand the thinking, have read the books, get the theories but would like an experience to embolden them to take action and start making changes.


    ‘Powerful and thought provoking.

    A great day with a fantastic unit of people.

    Very well facilitated.’


    It was thought-provoking and a visceral

    experience! It was really impressive to

    see the collective energy of the people in the room ’

    Jamie Cooke, Chief Of Staff EMEA, Discovery


    “Fantastic, the steps and physical / feeling

    process you go through is special

    Charlotte Williams, VP People and Culture, Discovery


    A fun supportive space to explore what it

    feels like to really embody the different

    organisation types and to consider how to

    bring them to our own life in a practical way’


    “Once in a while, you owe it to yourself to

    stop, breathe, reflect on what you’re doing

    and recharge yourself and your organisation

    spiritually. This course offers precisely that.

    And a lot of fun! If you like the book, you will

    love the training because it helps you properly

    digest it and figure outs what’s next.

    Laura S, We Move Europe.


    Life-affirming, thought-provoking and

    challenging. If you work in or with an organisation: do it.’

    Philippa Knott, Policy Manager, Blagrave Trust


    Reinventing Organizations is a book whose premise is that humanity is at a new organizational threshold and a new form of organization is emerging. There have been, according to this view, at least five different organizational paradigms in human history. Could the current organizational disenchantment be a sign that civilization is overcoming the current model and preparing for the next?

    Frederic Laloux, the author, is a Belgian consultant and coach who worked for 10 years at McKinsey & Company. Fred spent 3 years searching for organizations in the world that were working from a new paradigm according to evolutionary theory (Dynamic Spiral). The book brings to light 12 companies of different industries, cultures and sizes (over 100 and up to 40,000 employees), which are currently achieving amazing results based on self-management, fulfillment (or completeness), and a deeper sense of evolutionary purpose.

    For those of you who haven’t read the book yet, we recommend that you view this article or the video of the talk for the launch in Chile of the Spanish version, and a graphic summary of the model.

    "A valuable and relevant journey which enabled me to become a more authentic and confident manager"
    International HIV/Aids Alliance
    'The Kairos Project is the best thing to happen to me in a long time!”
    The Fund For Global Human Rights
    “It is a wonderful experience of learning to understand how my body and mind affecting with my confidences, with my relationship, and with my work”
    Global Green Grants Fund

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