Our objective is to support you in finding practical ways of being that take your organisation to another level – and behaviours that address one of the fundamental questions of leadership “what is it that I and my organisation really care about?”

    “Humans did not invent leadership. It exists throughout the animal kingdom as a practical way for social animals to communicate, negotiate and collectively contribute to the survival of the individual and the whole” – Ariana Strozzi

    Working with horses enables you to distinguish the fundamentals of leadership in a new way – helping you to experience, understand and adopt qualities and practice of great leadership. With direct emotional and somatic experience you will address the soul of communication, relationships, collaboration, accountability, integrity, respect, trust and humility.

    “These qualities are easy to understand, but hard to implement. They seem natural, but they challenge deep-seated assumptions we hold about ourselves, other people and the world. This is why although most of us know about them, we don’t know how to enact them. They are common sense, but not common practice.” – Fred Kofman

    Our intention is that these practices find a new depth of exploration in a committed spirit of excellence. The two day and three day components of the programme are supported by further coaching and team facilitation that ensures new practices and behaviours are fully absorbed and embodied for you, your team and organisation.

    Leadership with Horses Framework

    Set Up Phase
    Identify Personal and Team status –
    agree preparation
    Programme Phase
    Foundation programme –
    2 days working with the horses
    Review Phase
    Coaching sessions for each
    member of the team
    "A valuable and relevant journey which enabled me to become a more authentic and confident manager"
    International HIV/Aids Alliance
    'The Kairos Project is the best thing to happen to me in a long time!”
    The Fund For Global Human Rights
    “It is a wonderful experience of learning to understand how my body and mind affecting with my confidences, with my relationship, and with my work”
    Global Green Grants Fund

    Our experts

    Alexandra Montgomery

    Co-Lead - European Hub

    Alexandra is an accredited leadership coach, facilitator and yoga-mindfulness teacher w…

    Stroud, UK

    Paul is an executive coach, a farmer and runs a programme developing leadership for ind…

    Joanne Heeson

    Co-Lead - European Hub
    Lausanne, Switzerland

    As a coach Jo is motivating, caring, supportive and facilitates transformational and su…


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