Harness the full potential of remote and cross-cultural teams. Build awareness and trust across cultures with virtual team charters.

Geographically remote teams need effective managing to harness their full potential and counteract possible drawbacks – isolation, communication problems, misalignment to name but a few. If your team is multicultural, you have the added challenge of cross-cultural misunderstandings and different ways of working.



  • Explore cultural values that drive people from other backgrounds and how they impact collaboration.
  • Navigate differences in communication style, motivation, conflict and influencing patterns and develop culturally appropriate responses.
  • Ensure your remote team members stay engaged and aligned.
  • Develop a Virtual Team Charter that creates synergy and authentic co-operation.
  • Get practical tips for using English and other languages in a global context.


Our programmes provide a mix of awareness-building (including cultural bias), best practices and action learning. Both content and process will be tailored to your needs, some options are: Virtual Team Charters, Building Trust, Intercultural Sensitivity (including cultural bias awareness). These modules can also be built into other bespoke team & leadership development programmes.


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