Accelerate your career and build an authentic personal leadership brand that engages others and creates the impact that serves your purpose.

Faced with a shortage of inspiring role models for female leadership, women often need to rely on conventional leadership practices to make it to the next level. We developed this programme for you to have the time and space to explore, develop and articulate who you want to be as a leader and the contribution you want to make. You will build and embody YOUR version of compelling leadership to engage others and create the impact you aim for.



  • Understand the change process and stepping stones towards sustainable transformation
  • Develop inner capacity and presence to lead change, understanding your own preferences and mindset and their impact on others.
  • Hold powerful space through deep listening, observation and enquiry.
  • Shift your leadership energetics to create spaces for deep reflection, dialogue and co-creation.
  • Create a shared sense of ownership for change and how it is implemented.
  • Map out and work with a real-time change project in your organisation.


This multi-phased programme is inspired by the change methodology of Theory U, developed by MIT professor Otto Scharmer. It is laid out over a minimum of 3 days to immerse your participants in building inner presence and outer action that facilitates collective change. Working with the expert facilitators and your peers, you will map your insights and learning to a specific change initiative you bring to the programme.


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