Upskilling for the 21st Century

    Alexandra Montgomery

    Many of our clients and partners are facing known and unknown challenges, not only because of the pandemic but also due to wider paradigm shifts, as demonstrated in the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2020 report. According to the WEF, 50% of employees will need to acquire new competencies by 2025, due to changes in the workplace, digitalisation and distributed working being some of them.

    We see from our work with clients that there are choices to be made right now: we can either become overwhelmed and disoriented by the sheer avalanche of technological, economic and socio-political changes. Or we consciously nourish and deploy our ability to listen and sense into what wants to emerge and respond nimbly, continuously learning and adapting as the path becomes clearer.

    Supporting people into the emerging future lies at the core of our mission at Kairos. Our virtual programme series “continuous learning & agility” offers different avenues to sense and give you the tools, learning space and community to practise and build your own capacity to continuously adapt. Our methodology aligns mind, heart and body, harnessing deep levels of intelligence and wisdom.

    If you are interested in upskilling or reskilling to update your mindset, tools and behaviours for the 21st Century, please come and join us. We are offering 5 online courses:

    Get a taste our courses via our free orientation session Thursday 11 February @ 16.00 GMT.

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